Partner Spotlight: Merzbacher's

On a corner of Germantown Avenue, you’ll find Merzbacher’s, a bakery where namesake owner Pete Merzbacher has been turning out fresh bread since 2019. We’re thrilled to have his exceptional products on our menu now, too.

Pete—a Boston native—started baking in 2012 and selling to friends and neighbors. A year later, due to popular demand, he opened his first shop in West Philly and called it Philly Bread. When that look off, he realized he might have a business. His tagline, “bread to share” has a double meaning: “I’m bred to share,” he says. “It’s impossible for me to do anything else.”


Pete opened his Germantown bakery in 2019 and changed the name to Merzbacher's a year later. The neighborhood’s architectural beauty and diversity resonated with him. 

At Merzbacher’s, you’ll find innovative takes on traditional items. He’s best known for the Philly muffin, his take on the English muffin. His sweet potato bun—which you’ll also find on burgers and sandwiches on our menu—is another favorite. “Our bread hits the sweet spot—good enough for a special occasion, humble enough to be enjoyed every day.” 

With staff bonding, consistency, creativity, community building and years-long relationships with his customers, Pete puts as much into his people as he does his breads.