Tips & Tricks: Best Practices for Heating Your Meals

There are lots of ways you can heat our meals, but it's worth taking the extra few minutes to use the oven, stove or air fryer, as they yield better results. (Chef Lee is a big fan of the Breville countertop oven, which preheats in mere minutes.) The microwave works too, as our containers are 100% BPA-free and microwave safe. 

Regardless of your preferred warming method (and hey, sometimes we even eat our dishes right out of the fridge!), you’ll get the best results with gentle heat. Here, some tips:

Roasted Veggies, Fish and Meat

Heat in a 350-degree oven or the air fryer. Place your food on an oven-safe pan and heat for 8-12 minutes or until warmed through. Use aluminum foil or a silicone mat for easy clean up. (We do!)

Soups and Stews

Heat soups or stews on the stove in a small pot or saucepan. Add a few tablespoons of water. Recheck seasoning—you might be inclined to add more salt.


Prepare pasta on the stove top. Start by adding the sauce and a tablespoon of water to a sauté pan. Heat over medium heat until the sauce is just warm, then add pasta and mix until hot. Use any cheeses or seasonings at the end. Feel free to add a dash of olive oil or more salt.