Our Healthy Food Philosophy

GMOs, intermittent fasting, tree nut allergies—the fundamental act of feeding oneself is head-spinningly confusing these days. That's why we abide by the KIS acronym: Keep It Simple. (There’s traditionally a second “s” for “stupid,” but we don’t name call in our kitchen.)

That means our chefs start with the highest quality ingredients, including local and organic when possible, and enhance flavors with spices, herbs, acids, healthy fats, a dash of global inspiration, and expert techniques. (We never use cheap tricks like excess salts, saturated fats, preservatives or chemicals.) Our food tastes fresh, because it is: Cooked after you’ve ordered, in our Philly kitchen, then hand-delivered to you.

We believe that when you fill your plate with food that is inherently healthy, you can enjoy as much as you want, which is why we don’t count calories or macros. (Plus, we know that not all calories are created equal.) On top of that whole foods philosophy, we understand that each eater and family has individual needs, which is why we offer flexibility for those who follow specific wellness paths (vegans, vegetarians, gluten free or dairy free) or have food allergies or aversions.

Our health philosophy in a nutshell: lean proteins, lots of local veggies and whole grains prepared with respect and love.