Meet Flex: Our New Ordering Option

We currently have two ordering types: Classic and Flex. Which one is right for you?

With both ordering types, you'll select the number of people who are eating. With both ordering types, you'll make selections from entrees and small plates to fulfill your base order. For both ordering types, you'll get really yummy food. 

In Classic, everyone in your household will enjoy the same dishes. For example, if you're feeding two people, you'll get two portions of each dish you select. (Two portions of pasta.) Any changes you make to that pasta will apply to all of those portions. This is the most cost effective ordering option. It starts at $100 for one person and $50 for each additional person eating. 

In Flex, everyone in your household has the ability to select individual dishes. For example, if you're feeding two people and one is vegetarian, you can choose all vegetarian small plates for them and all meat small plates for you. Changes to dishes (make it dairy free!) can be applied to one or both dishes you've selected. It starts at $165 for two people. 

Questions? Reach out to us or head over to our chat feature on the ordering section.